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Clean data

Powerful insights

Technology that grows with you

PIMS data can be messy. With Rhapsody Analytics, you have an out-of-the-box solution to consolidate, standardize, and deliver insights for practice administrators and managers of practice groups.

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Clean data
migration solution

Works as a stand-alone solution, or hand-in-hand with the rhapsody PIMs

Works with 8+ major PIMs

No matter how many locations you have, we use our proprietary migration solution to consolidate PIMS data on a daily basis. We also consolidate marketing, CRM, and ERP data, so you can combine all your analytics in one place.

Your data will reach its full potential

Clean, consolidate, and standardize

PIMS data can be messy, with different codes, spelling mistakes, and naming conventions. We built a vast library of clean catalogs, AAHA accounting codes, algorithms, and rules, all inspected inch by inch by our veterinary team. We’ll transform your data into a powerful, standardized asset.

your data
built-in dashboards

Empower your administrators, regional managers, and finance teams

Deliver insights day one with our built-in dashboards

Whether your manage a single practice or a group, keep your finger on the pulse with our built-in dashboards. For a practice administrator, use our enterprise-level permissions to grant access to specific locations. Or give your finance team a consolidated view to benchmark all your locations for the entire group.

Insights and answers at your fingertips

Leverage our Report Builder

Our Report Builder gives you the tools you need to ask questions, get insights, and quickly share across your team. We’ve simplified the data into a plain english data dictionary with descriptions and definitions for every field and data table. You can build your own dashboards, schedule daily emailed reports, and even set alerts.

Report Builder
public API

Your data, your way

Open access to your data

We know your data is sensitive and critical to your business. We’ll always be open with access, through our reporting tools, public API, or even replicated into your data warehouse. Be assured, your data is encrypted, secured, and backed up.